Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A new meaning to Veterans Day

I became pretty choked up today just watching some guys put out American flags in front of a business here in San Angelo this morning. . .Veterans Day has a whole new meaning for me today. .

I guesss I have always understood the sacrifices that our military has made for our freedom in a sterile, distant kind of way, as we have had no military folks in our immediate family for years. . . but this year is different. . .

As our oldest son Austin spends this year in Iraq away from his precious wife, we all feel the struggles that come with long distance communication and relationships. Our future son-in-law is serving at Ft. Hood in the Army and will also possibly be deployed in the future, and we are praying daily for a young man (who is a close friend of a former ASU student) who had both legs blown off in Afganistan. . . For really the first time,  the huge sacrifices are being directly felt by our family. . .

These guys didn't ask for this war, but they are proudly defending a cause that our leaders felt was crucial to our long term freedoms. Celebrating Veterans Day is a good thing. . .just to pause for a moment in our busy schedules to think about the cost.. . in lives lost, in time away from families, in facing terrifying situations for the sake of our nation's freedom. .

Is it worth it?. . .. I think so. . .


  1. So beautifully said, Bonnie. Tears flowed today for me too, thinking about so many who serve with honor. We're blessed to be Americans. I think all of us need to stand up and defend this country, to stand along side our brave men and women in uniform: Prayers, support, gifts and more than that: our voices lifted to let our government know what we value, what is important to us.

  2. So well said Bonnie. It's very humbling to realize the sacrificices so many have made so that I can live my life today in peace.