Monday, November 2, 2009

Football Game Gives Hope. . .

Well, I'm going to try and post my favorite video thus far. . .I played all kinds of athletics in school, my children played athletics in school and I believe in the many positive lessons a person can learn from the discipline and hard work that athletics require. Now I know that sports can quickly get "out of balance" in the life of a child and/or family. . . .and I realize there are also many excesses and negative aspects about team athletics.

BUT every once in a while, a story or situation comes around that really positively demonstrates the place that athletics can play in a person's life and becomes the vehicle for loving someone in a way that is counter cultural in our view of competitive athletics.

Again, I am posting this on my blog so that I can watch it every once in a while and remember to always love in a way that gives Jesus glory. . .so that others can see Jesus in us. .

That's what this video is all about. . .. please take a look at it and let us all remember why we participate in athletics and allow our children to participate. . .it CAN truly become the vehicle to give God glory. . .which is our sole purpose anyway:

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  1. That made me well up inside and begin to shed a tear. WOW. It is amazing what a little love can do....why is this not more common?? Thanks for sharing.