Monday, August 3, 2009

Forever Changed. . . .

Below is a statement from a woman who recently returned from the same area of Ghana that Georgia, Brittany and I visited in May. . . .her words express exactly how I felt after returning from that part of the world. . . After our visit there, I am and forever will be. .. changed. .

"As I soaked in a warm bath last night and took another nice hot shower this morning I could not help but remember the thousands of women in Ghana who will never know what it is like to soak in a warm bath or take a shower. I still have the pictures in my mind of seeing them carry large heavy pots to their village's only water source, filling them with water, and then placing the heavy pots on their heads to carry back to their hut to use for cooking and drinking.

As I turned on my washing machine this morning to do laundry the picture came to mind of the people we saw washing clothes in a muddy water hole.

As I cooked breakfast in my beautiful kitchen with every appliance necessary, I could not help but remember the women of Wynamba as they cooked over an open fire in the center of their hut's compound and how much more heat the fire added to their already scorching homes.

As I sit here in my nice air conditioned home, I remember sitting in the center of a compound of huts as the woman said to us, "I never thought you would want to come and sit in my home and talk to me."

Yes, God has blessed us beyond measure. If not for His grace you and I would not have what we do. Now that I have seen people living in circumstances most of us don't even want to acknowledge existing, I understand that God has blessed us so that we can share. We must share. . . ."

-written by Beverly

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  1. Thanks for this. We too often forget how blessed we are. We have a forgiving God who showers us with blessing everyday. Our every breath is a blessing. How easy we forget those simple things!